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Xinjiang, Chine, mai 2013. YIli (Ghulja).
Unique Destinations
Unique Destinations

Xinjiang is a land where east meets west, where mountains and desert collide, and where a blending of cultures has been going on for thousands of years.

Tajik men dancing going under
Eye-Opening Experiences
Eye-Opening Experiences

Whether it’s joining in the Tajik “Eagle Dance,” visiting a local Uyghur home for “polo,” or spending the night in a Kazakh yurt, Xinjiang will leave you with unforgettable experiences.

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“Travel in what has been known as Xinjiang has never been a simple thing. The Silk Road skirts the Taklamakan Desert on the south along the base of the Kuen-lun Mountains, the second highest range - and perhaps the least known - in the world. Another branch follows a northern route through Aksu. Both are usually beset by bandits, and travel is at all times difficult. Sandstorms are common, the desert route has few watering places, and accommodations are primitive by Western standards.”

Louis L'Amour
About Us

We want you to love Xinjiang as much as we do.

Xinjiang is a part of the world that is often misunderstood, hard to get to, and hard to travel in once you get here.

We founded Old Road Tours in the hopes that we would not only share our culture and homeland with the world but that we could destroy some of the barriers travelers face when traveling to Xinjiang.

When we started our company, we wanted to provide people with a tour that goes beyond the normal tourist attractions. Our aim is to give people a glimpse into the lives, culture, and history of Xinjiang. We do this by providing homestays, organizing camel desert treks or hiking treks in the mountains, and planning meals cooked by local people in their own homes.

Not only do we want to learn more about our homeland, we also want to learn more about the travelers coming to visit so we can create a better experience for you.

In 2009, Abdul Wahab traveled to Xi’an and met some American expats who also shared a passion for Xinjiang and brought them onto our team. So not only does Abdul Wahab and our team of guides speak excellent English (along with a few other languages like French and German), but we also have a team of native English-speaking expats who have over 6 years experience living and traveling around China.

We know what it’s like to arrive in China for the first time and to be a little overwhelmed by the cultural and language barriers. As we help you plan your travel in Xinjiang, we walk you through not only the important travel details but some of the culture shocks you may experience as you travel.

And when your travel is over, we hope you leave Xinjiang loving the land and people as much as we do!

Read about some of our client's journeys with us.

“Our city tour of Kashgar was incredibly interesting and it helped cement the Uyghur town as one of our favorite places in China. Pati had been an impeccable guide and taught us more about his city and religion than any guide book ever could. We now looked at Kashgar and its people in an entirely different light.”

Alesha and Jarryd
Travel Writers, Nomadasaurus

“What I really liked about the Old Road Tours guides is how well we felt they took care of us. Their job, of course, is to lead based on the itinerary. But we felt there were several instances where circumstances led us to ask for a change in itinerary and both Ali and Ahmed were not only receptive to these changes, they recommended them in some cases, making our tour more enjoyable”

Sara Naumann
China Travel Expert, Trip Savvy

“Thank you Old Road Tours and Far West China for the special insight and contribution to our wild wild west experience! Rahmat Xinjiang for the amazing experience and memories!”

Jyana Mareko
Traveler, The Mareko Blog
What we do

We want you to experience the best of Xinjiang!

Cultural and Historical Tours

Whether you are interested in visiting ancient cities, holy sites, Buddhist caves, or just going deeper into the lives of the many ethnic groups in Xinjiang, we have a journey for you.

Scenic Tours

Xinjiang is home to boundless deserts, lush grasslands, and snowy mountains. You can explore some of these unique locations all around Xinjiang.

Customized Tours and Travel Planning

Want to build your own trip? Contact us and one of our travel experts will guide you as you customize your own unique journey.

Adventure Tours

Xinjiang is not only teeming with history, but is also home to majestic mountain peaks like Muztagh Ata and the ferocious Taklamakan Desert. Perfect for the adventure traveler in you.

Border Transfers

Located at the crossroads of many countries, Xinjiang is often one stop along your journey. Contact us if you’re in need of a transfer to one of these borders.

Small Group Tours

Looking to join other like minded travelers to share costs? Let us know and we will connect you with other travelers.

Abdul Wahab

Founder & Owner

While working as a tour guide in Tashkurgan, I was struck by how impressed foreign tourists were with the beauty of Xinjiang, my native land. I decided to start a company to showcase not only the land, but also the people. To do so, I enlisted the help of my five brothers. We could work together to help visitors to not just see the sights but also experience the native culture.

My brothers worked hard to learn English and other foreign languages so we could communicate with our foreign customers. As our business grew, we added other members of our family. Our passion is to help others enjoy the beauty of the land and to help them experience authentic native culture.

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